dead weight

For some reason I have this unhealthy attachment to my hair.

Yes. I know that is crazy but I do. I will cry in my car after I get a haircut if it does not turn out exactly how I envisioned it. I am a perfectionist and I know that hair is hair and it grows but that doesn’t matter to me. If I am getting it done, I want it right the first time.

I guess you could say it is like my security blanket in a ways. I have a bad habit of constantly playing with it or adjusting it. Although, I am so lazy when it comes to washing it and will wait days to wash it. Growing up I never stopped hearing how beautiful my hair is by hair stylists or how pretty it was when I let my friends braid it. So when it comes to cutting my hair, for whatever reason, it scares me.

I am the type of person to go months without a trim just because I am terrified they will mess up my hair. I have no clue why I am like this, I am constantly looking up different ways to cut my hair but I can never seem to get around to making an appointment. Which makes no sense since I am usually coloring or highlighting my hair a new color every other week.

But I feel as if it is finally time to cut off some dead weight. Literally. My life is continuing to change for the better and I feel as if I need to make that a physical statement. I do not know why a shorter do is the answer but it just seems like the right one right now. I spent weeks and weeks searching pinterest and instagram for something that I actually liked. Needless to say I discovered that I am very picky. One day I finally found it. I came across instagram famous hairstylist who posted a choppy bob (which are very in at the moment) and actually liked it. I could see myself getting it done and not balling my eyes out afterwards. Which is something I typically do if my haircut does not come out  I feel like it will help me not hide behind my hair and be more confident in myself.

So here’s to cutting off dead weight.