I guess I’m an adult now?

With graduation quickly approaching I have started to rethink my entire life.

Yes, that may sound overdramatic but my anxiety thinks otherwise. I question a lot of things that I have done even though I know that I will be fine and that I have come a long way since I started college. I wonder if the friendships I have made over the past four years were right. If I should have picked a different major. If my major is something that will help bring me a good career in the future.

I sit here with Quizlet open and my notes flooded my bed as I study for my first test of the semester. I pray every night that I get through this semester so I can strut across that stage and make my parents proud. They have done everything for my brothers and me so that we would have the chance to go to college since they did not. I know that this will be worth it in the end but for now I just pray I keep my sanity until I get there.